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Online retailing in particular is making packaging processes more and more extensive. Customers expect 1-day delivery, marketing material must be enclosed for specific target groups and evaluated in the best possible way. However, due to increasing complexity, error rates and thus returns and customer dissatisfaction are also on the rise. 
iX-tech offers comprehensive solutions that simplify, accelerate and make more efficient the complicated processes in the mail order business.
Thanks to built-in controls, orders can be completed more error-free and optimised, and customer satisfaction can be increased. Furthermore, employees are relieved and avoidable disruptions are prevented.
The optimal interaction of several system solutions, always individually adapted to your needs, is the core of success.


By using compartment displays directly at the picking compartment, pick lists are no longer necessary and the picker is guided through the warehouse by light visualisation (Pick-By-Light modules). 

The quantity to be picked can be displayed directly at the storage location. This reduces the error rate and speeds up order picking.

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