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Two factors form the core of “Industry 4.0”: networking and self-control. If machines in a factory used to be controlled centrally, in the age of Industry 4.0 all machines, but also the components themselves, will be equipped with sensors. They communicate constantly. Not only with each other, but also with other systems: Production, sales, development – all networked together.

We support this intelligent networking of machines and processes with the help of a wide variety of technology. Starting with order picking all the way to production.

How do I find the right picking method?

The decision for a picking method is difficult, especially since notevery technology is equally suitable for every company.

Is the order
single-stage and multi-stage picking? Is orderoriented, parallel picking suitable, or rather order-oriented, serial picking?

Or is it better to pick in a series-oriented manner and in parallel

With the right method, you can shorten the picking time, optimize 
routes, increase picking services based on short throughput times and create process reliability.

When choosing the 
right picking method, the question of the technology used will arise sooner or later. Contact us and use our solutions to find the right method for your warehouse.

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