ix.net control module - There is a lot in here

Our control module contains a variety of different usage features. 

On the one hand, it is optimally equipped to design stand-alone solutions without a connection to third-party systems. On the other hand, it can equip entire warehouses with thousands of pick-by-light modules. The ix.net can also be used for testing purposes without any problems thanks to its integrated process.


Weight: 142g

Operating voltage: 12-24 VDC

Protection class: III, 90x69x30 (mm)

Connections: VCC, SDA, SCL, GnD, Ethernet, RS232, 8 extension ports

max. LED modules on one BUS up to 3,000 units


As standard, the ix.net is supplied exclusively in a system BUS housing incl. power supply etc..

Exceptions are for replacement, exchange or test purposes.


Suitable for integrated process or worker guidance for teaching and later sequential processing of assembly steps, can also be used with connection to an ERP system, suitable for the S1.2 and S2 series.

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