Before the customer places an order in your shop, processes must be planned and decisions made in the warehouse. The main focus here is on shipping speed: the orders should reach the customer as quickly as possible, with a short delivery time. In times of “same-day delivery”, online shoppers now expect their parcel the following day at the latest.

In order to meet this challenge, increase customer satisfaction and reduce the rate of returns, the right order picking process is essential for every warehouse.

Every company in the mail order business has different logistics processes. Due to size, assortment or different merchandise management systems, processes must be individually adapted. For example, small companies where incoming and outgoing goods as well as order picking are handled by one or two people need a different concept than companies with a larger order picking team of several hundred people.

iX-tech GmbH uses software and hardware components to achieve the best possible result for you and your needs. But we also support you in finding the right strategy.
For example, two-stage order picking (collective order picking) is suitable for generating path distances and shorter throughput times.

How does it work?

Step 1 |

First, the picking area and the sorting station will be equipped with pick-by-light technology. This means that a pick-by-light module is installed at each storage location. Now the picker starts the order, e.g. by scanning the pick list barcode or by making a selection on the ix.mate (MDE device). Then the first storage location to be started lights up. The ix.mate now displays the number of items to be picked, as well as customer-specific photos of the item, item numbers, etc. The picking of the item is then initiated. Finally, the removal of the item is confirmed by touching the display or scanning the item barcode. The employee can then place the item in the picking trolley and the next storage location to be approached lights up. In this way, the employee is guided sequentially through the entire process until he has picked all the goods.

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Step 2 |

The next step is sorting. To assign the picked goods to the correct orders, the employee starts the process at the sorting station. Here he can scan an item and the installed pick2light module lights up under the corresponding order box. Thus, the employee can completely divide his picked goods until the trolley is empty and his order boxes are filled. The boxes are now packed ready for dispatch and can be directed to the packing station.

In the case of a 1-item order, the second process step is completely omitted and the employee can take his filled picking trolley directly to the packing station.
For larger picking areas, it can make sense to split the warehouse into different zones to shorten walking distances. Likewise, several employees can pick at the same time. In this case, each employee is assigned a unique picking colour.

Scan at SOrtierstation



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Increase in throughput and operator performance thanks to significantly shortened travel distances


Any number of order pickers possible at the same time


Paperless order picking possible

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