1.2 series of Pick-by-Light

Now even better: the 1.2 series of Pick-by-Light is coming!

Order S1 spare parts until 01.06.2023

We and our customers are constantly striving for improvements and progress. Our robust S1 series has been a loyal companion for a long time, but now it is time for an upgrade. Benefit now from the improved S1.2 series and convince yourself of the advantages.

More safety at the same price
+ Round cables for transitions are now available; these have a thicker insulation protection and are therefore resistant to all cabling outside the Pick-by-Light channel.
+New strong plug connection: an undesired slipping out of the connection cables or an unintentional disconnection is now avoidable, the connectors on the LED modules robustly hold the LED strand together.
+ One unit: by standardizing the connection cables S1.2 with the S2 series, it is easy to switch to our Pick-by-Light modules with piece number display.
+ More lengths: the S 1.2 LED modules offer more different cable lengths with the same power of the light ratio.

The new upgrade will replace the S1 series from June onwards. These include:
+ IX10029 S1 1L Pick2Light module
+ All corresponding S1 connection cables in any length IX10013-28 and IX10045-48 and IX10218
+ IX10002 S1 feed-in module

The ix.net control unit S1 is still available and compatible with the new S1.2 series.

However, until 01.06.2023, you still have the opportunity to secure spare parts for the tried and tested S1 series or to order complete system installations . After that, production will be gradually discontinued.
Note: S1 connection cables are compatible with the new LED modules, but “mixing” the LED modules on one strand is not possible.

Do you have any further questions? Please feel free to contact us.