NEW | 1.2 Series



We and our customers constantly strive for further development and progress. So it’s no wonder that sooner or later we also take a close look at long-standing, loyal items in our range and check them for potential for improvement.
This also applies to the long-standing S1 series, which is now being replaced by the new, further developed S 1.2.

What makes the new series even better:

+ Available immediately: Round cables for transitions; these have thicker insulation protection and are thus resistant for all cabling outside the pick-by-light channel.
+ New strong plug-in connection: unwanted “slipping out” of the connecting cables or unintentional disconnection can now be avoided; the plug-in connectors on the LED modules robustly hold the LED strand together
+ One unit: by standardising the connecting cables S1.2 with the S2 series, a changeover to our pick-by-light modules with piece count display is easy to implement
+ Available at a lower price: the standardisation of the cables enables a new top price.


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