In addition to optimising picking processes, our innovative technology also makes your putting process more effective. In this case, target locations are equipped with pick2light modules instead of the removal compartment.
One area of application for our sort2light system is, for example, the allocation of pre-picked goods to the respective order or target locations (2-step picking).
With Sort2light FLEX, we want to make your processes more flexible.

Pre-picked items often have the most varied volume sizes. Rigid sorting stations usually cannot meet the requirements and work processes are slowed down or even stopped by picking errors.

Sort2Light FLEX, with its innovative frame construction and trolleys, offers a solution to achieve the highest possible throughput. It also has a positive effect on the error rate, as well as clarification cases and return rates.

How does it work?

Each sorting station is equipped with a permanently mounted Sort2light FLEX frame.
In the next step, a trolley is docked, which has been equipped with compartment dividers and magnets. Scanning the trolley ID uniquely identifies it and transmits all relevant data to the ix.tech system.
There are also closely spaced pick2light strips in the horizontal of the frame. Metal sensors at the rear detect the respective compartment divider and thus the storage location when it is docked. If the compartment divider is moved, the position of the illuminated pick2light module changes automatically. This leaves your staff free to adjust the storage location to the article volume and to achieve the optimum filling level of the station.

When the trolley is docked and in operating mode, the employee can scan up to 3 items in succession. With the help of the pick2light modules, it is displayed in which compartment the articles are to be sorted. In this way, all products are sorted according to order (one pick2light module lit up = first item, two modules lit up next to each other = second item, etc.). After an individually adjustable period of time, the employee can scan items again to completely sort the pre-picked goods step by step. If the employee scans new articles, not only do the new storage locations light up, but the previous eye-catching light goes out and the put information is simultaneously transmitted to the merchandise management or warehouse management system and directly booked there.
Finished trolleys can be pushed into a buffer zone. A new trolley can thus be docked to the frame and the putter can continue to sort its pre-picked goods. Packing and putting processes are thus independent of each other and can be carried out at different speeds.



Easy allocation of articles to orders


Flexible Fachtrenner

Quick adaptation to order volume possible


Immediate adjustment of the compartment display



+ Pack and put process are decoupled
+ Central control unit supplies up to three frames
+ Extremely fast response time (max. 100ms)


+ Reduces the error rate and clarification cases
+ Reduces the return rate thanks to highly accurate and dynamic evaluation of the position of the individual compartments

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