The first question is how set picking works and for whom it is recommended.

Set picking is always useful, for example, when a certain product or assembly is to be provided pre-sorted for assembly areas.
This means that manufacturing companies in particular often use this type of order picking. In this way, they can optimise production processes and reduce material transports and process times.

But this method also offers a high optimisation potential for a large number of variable components that can easily be mixed up. Furthermore, the required floor space is reduced, which in turn benefits small storage areas.

The innovative pick2light technology additionally supports this process. With its help, it is ensured that pre-picking runs smoothly. In this way, required sets can be made available error-free and at the right time in the right assembly area.



First, each storage location on the shelves in the picking zone is equipped with a pick2light module. This enables faster and error-free picking during the process.

Then, our pick2light technology is installed at the storage locations on the setup trolley. As a result, LED eye-catching lights show the employee during picking from which compartment something has to be taken. Furthermore, they indicate the storage location where the picked component is to be placed on the trolley.

It is possible to install the pick2light technology directly on the trolley or to install the modules on a frame. If the frame solution is chosen, it can be docked to an existing trolley for each operation.

At the beginning, each trolley is married to an order. Then the picking process starts – for example by scanning an order barcode or confirming it on a terminal. Now the system guides the employee sequentially through the process. In addition to the LED visualisation of the storage location to be accessed, it also displays the number of items to be picked. An infrared touch sensor on the pick2light module allows the employee to easily acknowledge each pick. This way, both hands are always free to remove the respective components.

Once the assembly is completely pre-picked, the assembly set can be transported just-in-time to the appropriate area. This ensures that production can continue at any time without interruption.



+ Faster further processing of parts
+ Reduction of idle times in assembly
+ Time-saving handling


+ Avoidance of transport costs
+ Reduction of warehousing costs.


+ Preventing production bottlenecks.
+ Ensuring the availability of critical components and parts.


+ Modular system design that can be expanded at any time
+ Easy installation at existing assembly workstations

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